The Ta Engine
Introduction of the Theta Engine by Clark

Clark is continuing its commitment to design the finest lift trucks in the industry. The latest addition to this commitment is the introduction of the Hyundai Theta 2.4 liter engine for the GEN 2 cushion and pneumatic forklifts from 3000 to 7000 lb capacity.

This engine comes with impressive credentials. It will provide substantial improvements in power (an increase of 37%), fuel economy (an improvement of 10%) and durability (design life of 20,000 hours). This engine also meets EPA & CARB 2010 ultra-low emissions requirements.

The 2.4L engine got its start in 2006, in passenger cars. It is the latest technology of low friction, high efficiency and improved fuel economy that is currently also seen in the GM Ecotec and Ford Duratec four cylinder engines. The Theta was actually designed in Novi, Michigan in a joint effort to keep up with the latest high output four cylinder engines. So what’s so good about it? The short list is improved power, improved fuel economy, and improved durability.