Featured Forklift Videos

Learn more about our forklift inventory and services by watching the videos below. Explore the benefits of owning Linde electric forklifts as well as forklift inspections, used forklift reconditioning and more information associated with material handling equipment and the warehousing industry. Call (888) 865-2083 or visit any of our dealerships in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia for more information about the new and used forklifts we carry as well as the services we can offer to your business.

Linde RX60 80Volt Electric Forklift

The Linde RX-60 series of 80 Volt Four Wheel Electric Forklifts provides a real breakthrough for the typical internal combustion user that needs a High Performance truck without emissions. First let’s take a look at the unique benefits of High Voltage technology in Electric Forklifts. See the Features and Advantages of this highly productive, yet fuel efficient forklift. View Video

Daily Pre-Shift Forklift Inspections

Daily pre-shift inspections are not only required by OSHA, they make sense. Catching small safety or maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair or accident nightmares helps your business operate more safely, efficiently and profitably. Produced by Linde Material Handling and brought to you by Material Handling Inc., this short video walks you and your operators through a proper and complete daily pre-shift inspection. View Video

Used Forklift Reconditioning

When it comes to reconditioned forklift equipment, Material Handling Inc. takes it very seriously. This short video highlight a recon we did on a Drexel. View Video

Linde Hydrostatic Drive Advantage in Action – Shuttle Tests

The constant forward and backwards motions of daily use of forklifts can put a tremendous strain on the traditional drive train. See the dramatic difference between a traditional torque converter style transmission and the Linde Hydrostatic Drive. View Video

Linde 1313 – Reduced Service Intervals

Fewer PM’s & oil changes are just a few of the benefits of Linde forklifts. Linde forklifts are built to run longer and cleaner between service intervals. And when they are serviced, none have easier access to get it done quickly and efficiently. View Video

Linde 1313 – Hydrostatic Drive

Hydrostatic drive means means no transmission, no brakes, fewer mechanical parts, and lower operating costs. Find out what makes the Linde drive system so different than any other forklift brand. View Video

Linde 1313 – Engine Performance

Linde engines are built for performance. See what makes their engines different from all others, and provides better performance at lower fuel consumption, all while providing the cleanest, quietest engine on the market. View Video

Linde 1313 – Truck Frame

Linde builds its forklift frames are the toughest in the industry. Their rigid, durable frames protect internal components, provide better stability and operator comfort, and hold up to the toughest materials handling conditions. See why Linde forklifts offer the lowest total operating costs of any forklift brand. View Video

Linde 1313 – Ergonomics

The new Linde 1313 Class 4 IC cushion forklift surpasses all other models and brands in comfort. A comfortable forklift operator is a more productive forklift operator. Available at Material Handling Inc. in the North Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky markets. View Video

 Landoll R60I48 Swingmast

This versatile lift truck has side loading capability for long heavy loads, while maintaining front loader capability and VNA stacking ability for standard pallets. The solid pneumatic tires allow operation on any indoor or outdoor surface including gravel and dirt. View Video

Landoll SL Electric Swingmast

The SL Series 4-Wheel SwingMast® VNA  models can work inside and outside on paved surfaces and can perform the jobs of a normal front loading and side loading forklift including loading and unloading highway trucks and containers, working in bulk storage, drive in rack, cantilever rack, push back rack, double deep and climbing steep ramps. The SL range does the jobs of reach, counterbalanced trucks in aisles over 50% smaller. The ability to store and transport long loads as a side loader maximizes utilization. View Video 

Landoll Bendi B40AC-DR, B50AC-DR, Double-Deep Reach

MAXIMIZE your floor space with this new product from Landoll.  Reduce your double deep aisles from 11 1/2′ down to 8′.  Resulting in a 20% gain in pallet storage. 

Lift heights are available up to 420″.  For customers that have lift heights below 240″, this unit (B40AC-DR) will also work their docks.  Resulting in only one unit needed for dock to rack applications. View Video