What Makes MHI Rental Systems Different?

MHI owns the equipment, there is no third party. The contract is between you and MHI. It is OUR responsibility to earn your business every day throughout the life of the agreement.

MHI is an investor in your success. We are a true partner by investing our resources in your business and by guaranteeing the residual value (end of term) of equipment. No “gotcha” language that adds to your cost at the end of the agreement.

Flexibility. The one paper contract can include customized “inserted provisions” to accommodate your unique operational needs in the body of the agreement. a few examples:

  • Off-hour Planned/Scheduled Maintenance
  • Provision to change equipment in case of specification changes
  • Fleet management scheduled meetings
  • 24 hour maintenance coverage

Right equipment for the job. Your MHI sales professional is trained to examine all aspects of the unique conditions and demands of your material handling application. The proper lease term based on useful life and the proper equipment produces the lowest operating costs.

An MHI PowerLease gets you OUT of the forklift business!

Standard industry forklift lease language shifts the risks an hidden costs to you, the lessor. These risks can include:

  • Return freight – Standard language requires return shipment to a location of the lessor’s choosing, with all the freight costs being YOUR responsibility. This can equate to thousands of dollars at the end of the lease! Our lease requires the return of equipment to the nearest MHI facility.
  • Return equipment condition – Most leases include language forcing you to return equipment in strict adherence to many stipulations or the cost to repair is billed whether they choose to repair or not! Our lease requires equipment to be returned in complete and running condition without missing parts.
  • Advanced Notice of Return – Typical language is “Notice in writing, certified, to a specific address as long as 180 days. If notice is not received the agreement is extended for a year.” Our lease requires only 60 days notice.

Performance Obligations

  • Typical competitive wording – The LESSOR makes no commitment to the maintenance of the equipment. No operational performance will negate the lessees obligation to the conditions of this lease.
  • MHI contract wording – The respective responsibilities of LESSOR and LESSEE for maintenance of each unit of equipment will be as described in the Rental Supplement covering that unit.

MHI Rental Systems – The Power of Partnership

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