Linde’s 346 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

Linde 346 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

Linde forklifts, from KION Manufacturing have a history of being the most durable and dependable forklifts on the market, and the Linde 346, 3-wheel electric forklift is no exception. Engineered and built to perform, it incorporates technology that improves the performance and efficiency of the forklift while protecting components from the elements. Below are a few of the features that make the 346 a must for operations that require a performer.

Linde 346 Feature PicturesThe Heart of Success; Linde’s All-Inclusive Drive Axle

Linde’s all-in-one drive axle combines all major components, which reduces cables, heat and dramatically improves power usage. This module combination includes:

With this system, Linde engineers have eliminated long power cables, one of the major reasons for excessive energy consumption.

Robust Forklift Frame

The 346 is built like no other in the industry. In fact it is more than 1,000 lbs heavier than the competition. This provides for better stability, protection and better ergonomics than any other 3-wheel on the market. Modules and drives are better protected, leading to less service and maintenance as well as an increase useful life of the forklift. The 346 frame boasts:

  • 1/2″ Structural Steel for Fenders and Free Standing Supports
  • 3/8″ Steel “Sandwich” Lower FrameĀ 
  • Front Sub-Frame Supports and Rear Frame Bulkhead- 5/8″ Steel

Ergonomic Superiority

Linde Material Handling understands that comfortable and safe operators are more productive and have fewer injuries due to repetitive motion and fatigue.

Their engineers and designers work together to provide an operating experience unlike any other 3-wheel forklift. A few of the features include:

  • Fly-by-Wire Hydraulic Levers
  • Arm Rest is Standard Equipment
  • Solid Metal Seat Deck
  • Equal Access for On/Off on Both Sides of the Forklift
  • Ample Foot Room

The 346 is an un-matched performer in the 3-wheel forklift class. Contact us for more details or a demo. Once you learn more about the 346 and its capabilities, we have a feeling you will be glad you gave the 346 the opportunity.

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