Designed and Built in the USA: The New Linde 346 Electric Forklift

This exciting new 36/48 Volt Linde lift truck represents a new standard of design and engineering innovation. The 3,500 – 4,000 lbs load capacity models of the 346 series offers advanced features as standard equipment:

AC drive and load handling systems

Electro/hydraulic fingertip controls

Side Battery Removal

Six good reasons for choosing Linde material handling equipment:

1.   Performance
AC drive and load handling systems yield high acceleration, travel and lift speeds increasing your product thru put.

2. Ergonomic Excellence
Operators benefit from ease of entry and exit from both sides of the truck; single pedal travel control and finger tip hydraulic controls help reduce driver fatigue; and an adjustable steering column and arm rests customize the truck to each operator. A rested operator is a productive operator for the whole shift.

3. Designed-In Durability
Made by the American working-man for the American working-man.

4. Safety
Side battery removal, a standard, eliminates the need to suspend the battery from hooks when changing (equipped for overhead extraction for crane systems).

5. Versatility
The three wheel design allows for increased maneuverability and a more narrow working aisle width. Narrow aisles equal more product stored in the same building.

6. Low Maintenance
No motor brushes, no contactor controllers, 1,000 hour maintenance intervals, and on-board diagnostics contribute to extremely low maintenance operating costs.

The new Linde 346 series is ideal for manufacturing and distribution applications where there is a need for performance, efficiency and low emissions.

Contact MHI, Inc. for more information on the versatile Linde 346 Series