Linde 1219 and 1319 Forklifts

Linde by KION has announced it is adding two new internal combustion models to its line-up to compete with mainstream market model forklifts. The strategy is to provide the Linde quality that Linde customers expect, at mid-level pricing. By replacing the hydrostatic drive with a more conventional, but still massive differential, torque coverter type transmission, and a Ford 2.5L fuel injected engine, Linde can provide the type of quality that is synonymous with Linde products, at a lower price point.

With wet-disc brakes and no timing belt, users will benefit from increased up-time due to extended 500-hour maintenance intervals. The Linde 1219 (pneumatic tire) and 1319 (cushion tire) allow easy access to perform daily checks without removing the floor plates and an interactive diagnostic display negates the need for a laptop to perform most diagnostic checks. 

This is exciting news as Linde forklifts traditionally have been reserved for those companies that have the highest duty cycle and harshest operations. But now, Linde forklifts will be more widely accessible for the mainstream forklift market. And with Linde’s product features, advantages and benefits, customers will enjoy the lowest total ownership costs with savings as high as $1,500 per year, per forklift (based on 2,000 hour operation). Some of the new features include:

Functional / Technology
• Wet disc brakes (maintenance free)
• Ford 2.5L LPG fuel injected engine
• Fully suspended Linde steer axle
• New display with integrated diagnostics (No laptop required for most diagnostic checks)
• No timing belt

• Storage space / cup holders behind operator
• Full suspension seat standard
• Split pedal layout with independent brake and inching pedals is standard

• 3-year / 6,000-hour standard warranty 
• Extended service intervals (500-hour) 
• High residual capacity (full capacity up to 185-inch with Triplex mast)
• easy access to perform daily checks without removing floor plates
• Integrated tie-down points for better transport

The two new models are the 1219, pneumatic tire, LP and the 1319, cushion tire, LP. Both models come in 5,000lb., 5,500lb, 6,000lb. and 6,500lb. capacities. We are very excited about the opportunity to present these forklifts to our markets and we know that once our customers get a look at these models and a quote from us, they’re going to be a big hit! Contact us at 800-865-2083 for more information or a quote.

1219 1319 Montage
Download the Linde 1219 Pneumatic Tire Brochure

Download the Linde 1319 Cushion Tire Brochure