Komatsu IC Forklifts Reduce Your Overall Costs

Need a lift truck that reduces overall costs?   Then the Komatsu Internal Combustion (IC) AX and BX Series lift trucks are for you.  The series has been redesigned to incorporate low fuel consumption, low emissions, more operator comfort, safety, higher productivity, greater reliability and reduced maintenance.The AX and BX Series provide a 15% improvement in fuel consumption over all major brand competitors.  The high torque at low RPM provides more power while reducing fuel consumption.

In addition, the engines provide balanced clean air technology that exceed EPA Tier I emission standards. Komatsu optimizes the balance of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) verses carbon monoxide (CO) to produce the lowest overall emissions.  In fact, Toyota engines produce over two times more CO than Komatsu.  Higher levels of CO have been known to cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.

Komatsu has brought operator comfort and productivity to a new level.  The full-floating operator compartment and isolated drive train reduce vibration and fatigue.  The EZlift hydraulic system with tandem pump provides fast and controllable lifting speed at low engine RPM help improve productivity.  Operator ergonomics and visibility are also greatly improved.

Komatsu has safety built into each truck.  Komatsu Operator Presence System (KOPS) is a standard feature that locks out lifting and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds.  Komatsu forklifts have no need for SAS, which is a complex expensive sensor system that requires maintenance to be functional.  SAS is not required by OSHA or ANSI.

Serviceability is also built into Komatsu trucks.  Access is easy with no bolts and removable floor platemaking daily inspections more accessible. The truck is designed to have fewer maintenance intervals than the competition, reducing cost and negative environmental impact.

The bottom line is that Komatsu provides the lowest overall cost of ownership.  Are you ready to get started saving money?  Call your local MHI location and ask for a free application survey!