Hit-Not Proximity Detector
Hit-Not Proximity Detector

About Hit-Not 

Hit-Not’s proven technology was initially developed to save lives in mines. HazardAvert was the first proximity detection system approved by MSHA. Hit-Not adapted that same powerful Hazard Avert technology to save lives in other industries—Hit-Not.

  • Hit-Not technology is based on Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields, which will reliably pass through most walls and structures.
  • Hit-Not can see you, even when you can’t see the forklift and the operator cannot see you.  This takes the danger out of most blind corners and other dangerous areas in a warehouse or dock.
  • Hit-Not is more precise than RFID systems because it uses a stable magnetic field marker and does not have multi-path problems.
  • Hit-Not allows multiple machines and multiple pedestrians to work in the same area safely and efficiently.

How It Works

What makes Hit-Not VERY Accurate and VERY Reliable is that is it FULLY Proven.  Hit-Not® technology is based on low-frequency magnetic fields, which will reliably pass through walls and structures.  This system can see you, even when you can’t see the forklift and the operator cannot see you.  And, Hit-Notis much more reliable than RFID because it does not give you false or nuisance alarms. 

The key to Hit-Not’s effectiveness is our PAD-Personal Alarm Device.  The PAD is worn on your shirt or vest, and will give you accurate visual and audible warnings when you are being threatened.  But, it will also transmit a signal to the forklift operator to let him know that you are in danger.  Both alarms will help you avoid a collision.  Plus, there is NO LIMIT to how many forklifts and PAD’s can be used at a time.

Magnetic fields are preset at the factory at 30 feet in the front of the generator and 30 feet in the rear of the generator for the Danger Zone. Warning Zones are 43% larger than the Danger Zones. Field sizes can be adjusted.

When a pedestrian enters a forklift’s Warning Zone, both the PAD and the forklift Alarm will give three beeps and lights to warn of the threat.  When the pedestrian enters the Danger Zone, the PAD and the Alarm will sound and light continuously until the threat is over and the pedestrian is out of danger.

By eliminating struck-by accidents in your warehouse, you improve the efficiency of your entire company. 

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