Green Technology Moves Nashville

Zero Emissions Forklifts Changing Industrial Landscape

As propane fuel prices continue to rise, and supply chains are mandated to go green, LP gas forklifts are quickly being replaced with electrics. Today’s electric vehicles work inside, outside, in the rain and around the clock without battery changing.

Here in Nashville local companies are realizing a savings of over 30% by operating electric trucks. Once relegated to light duty or food industry applications, the new high voltage forklifts are working in very demanding local facilities. From indoor/outdoor plants that make stone or draw wire to twenty-four hour seven days a week appliance manufacturing facilities, electric vehicles are part of the green revolution and also lowering operating costs.

Local forklift dealer Material Handling, Inc (MHI) has been at the forefront of converting LPG trucks to electrics for over twenty years. “The combination of AC electric motors, highly efficient 80 volt systems, and fast charger technology has allowed us to specify electric trucks in all types of traditional LPG applications” said Michael Sain, MHI Vice President.