Forklift Operator Worker Safety Resource Library

Material Handling Inc. Safety Resource Library

New Hire Forklift Operator Questionnaire – This simple one-page questionnaire helps you assess your new employee’s readiness to operate YOUR equipment under YOUR operating conditions. 

Free Forklift and Pedestrian Safety Posters – In order to create awareness about forklift and pedestrian safety, we have developed a series of three posters to help your employees avoid lift trucks and be more aware of their presence. 

OSHA Compliant Inspection Guide –  Proper forklift inspections are the key to a safe and productive forklift fleet. It also ensures those that operate around forklifts are working in a safe environment. One component failure on a forklift can result in significant product or facility damage, or even worse, injury or death. This guide is put together with information directly from OSHA, which gives clear guidance on how to thoroughly inspect a lift truck before it is put into service each shift. 

Operator Pre-Shift Daily Checklists – Pre-Shift Inspections are required to ensure compliance, but more importantly, it will help you catch small maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair headaches. The download is free. Feel free to copy and distribute as needed.

OSHA’s Powered Intustrial Trucks (PIT) eTool
– Here you will find volumes of information to help guide you through everything from pre-shift operational checks, to conducting training, concepts and regulations. 

Pre-Shift Inspections Video – Daily pre-shift inspections are not only required by OSHA, they make sense. Catching small safety or maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair or accident nightmares helps your business operate more safely, efficiently and profitably. Produced by Linde Material Handling and brought to you by Material Handling Inc., this short video walks you and your operators through a proper and complete daily pre-shift inspection.

Safety Related Feature Articles – We’ve written several Featured Articles about the importance of, and benefits of a robust training program as well as warehouse and other safety related topics.

Safety Related Products – Here you will find information, links, videos to a host of products aimed at keeping your fleet, your facility and your employees safe and productive. 

Library of Regulations – Here you will find an ever-increasing library of useful regulations to help guide you through a safe warehouse that complies with the many regulations of government agencies. They will also help you operate a safer and more productive facility by providing the “how-to’s” of effective safety practices.

OSHA’s Aerial Lift Fact Sheet – Whether you own or are renting an aerial lift, it is important to know your responsibilities. This guide, directly from OSHA, gives you a quick reference to everything from pre-use inspections to falls safety and some of the main hazards that come with aerial lift operation.