Forklift Operator Trainer Essentials

Four Things a Forklift Operator Trainer Must Know and be Able to Perform

  1. Must be knowledgeable of and familiar with all of the Regulations, Standards an Policies that govern the Lift Trucks Operation and which apply to their particular Work Environment. Trainers don’t need to memorize the standards, but they should be intimately familiar with their contents. Lack of knowledge or familiarity with published standards is UNACCEPTABLE.
  2. Have In-Depth Knowledge of the Work Environment, and the Operations required of the Lift Truck in their particular Work Applications. Trainer’s must stay abreast of all of the changes in their Work Environment and be able to determine what affect they may have on Lift Truck Operations.
  3. Must be Operationally Functional for the Types of Lift Trucks and/or Attachments on which they are providing Training. The Instructor does not need to be a Superstar Operator, but Instructors should be Capable of Operating, and Competent to Operate, each Lift Truck and/or Attachment for which they are providing Training.
  4. Must be Capable of and Comfortable with Evaluating an Operator’s Performance both in terms of Knowledge and Hands-On Skills using a Pass / Fail Basis. The OSHA Standard focuses on Performance-Oriented Results, which means that OSHA expects the Employer to Approve only those that are truly Competent and Capable of Operating Lift Trucks. An Employer whose Instructors have no solid set of Criteria for Pass / Fail and where the Instructors do not clearly understand these Criteria and know how to apply them could be headed for Safety Problems, Compliance Issues and possible Legal Trouble.