Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

The Operation of your fleet at the lowest cost and highest level of productivity within your industry. Read through all of the details below and call (888) 865-2083 or visit any of our CLARK, Linde, Princeton and Komatsu lift truck dealerships throughout GA, TN and KY to request our forklift fleet management services.For more information please download our FAQ

Reduce Your Costs

  • Acquisition (Truck Price) is only 10% of the truck’s Cost”
  • Right Size” your Fleet
  • Reduce or Redirect Personnel – Administrative and Maintenance
  • Eliminate Parts Inventory
  • Maximize Equipment Utilization
  • Reduce Supplier Base
  • Stay in OSHA Spec
  • Equipment type matches job requirement

How We Do It

  • Comprehensive On-Site Survey
  • Analyze- Maintenance history, Survey Data, Financial Impact
  • Propose- Replacement Forecast, Financing Alternatives, Maintenance Options
  • Implement- Schedules, Training, On Going Data Collection
  • Monitor- Monthly Reporting, Strategy Sessions, Continuous Improvement

MHI Fleet Management Systems - We Get You Out of the Lift Truck Business!

Learn More About Fleet Management

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