Electric Lift Trucks
Electric Forklifts are a Force of Change

Electric lift trucks (ELTs), once thought to be only for light application use, have made many advances in recent years.  New ELT models are equipped with heavy- duty components to allow them to compete alongside traditional internal combustion-engine (ICE) units. ELTs are fast becoming the truck of choice in the material handling industry by helping industrial clients achieve cleaner, quieter fork truck operations at lower operating costs.

Electric lift trucks offer longer economic life, lower annual cost, less maintenance, and are more compact and than their ICE counterparts.  These vehicles are almost noiseless and produce no noxious gases, making them safer for operators and the using electricity, compared to fuel, provides a rapid payback on the initial equipment cost for ELTs.  Overall operating costs can be reduced by 60%!

Safety Comes First

The latest versions of ELTs provide more safety than ICEs. The risk of fire and explosion hazards are greatly reduced because propane bottles have been replaced with batteries.  In addition, there are no noxious gases being emitted by the unit, thus, the operator is not inhaling harmful fumes.

Advanced Versatility
With small, heavy batteries instead ofa bulky engine, an ELT, such as the 3-wheeled Clark TMX, offers a more compact design than equivalent ICE trucks.  Consequently, ELTs needs less operating space and can maneuver in tighter aisles. With their added heft and lower center of gravity, ELTs can lift as much weight as an ICE trucks. The Clark TMX-25 has a full 5,000 lb. capacity and can work a 10 foot aisle.

Smoother Handling

ELTs, like the new Clark ECX, which features fully programmable performance, provides the operator with smoother handling and a higher product throughput than ICEs.  Because electric energy flow produces a flat torque line, an ELT has more starting torque than a combustion-based lift truck.  The Clark TMX has greater drawbar pull and grade ability than a competitor’s internal combustion offering.

Environmentally Safe
ELTs are not only good for the environment in terms of the earth, but also for work environments. ELTs are a great option for companies looking for ways to reduce noise pollution because they can operate at 70-80db less than their ICE counterparts.  With new innovations and constantly improving technology, ELTs are becoming a force of change for material handling industries o fall kinds. They provide healthier, cleaner, safer workspaces while reducing the devastating impact on the environment. For more information on ELTs, contact MHI today.