Baoli Showroom

Baoli Forklift Showroom

When it comes to quality, performance and support, the Baoli KBG25-35 (5,000lb and 7,000lb capacity), KBG25C (5,000lb cushion tire), KBET18 (3-Wheel Electric) and KBE25C (5,000lb Electric) is one step ahead of the competition.

It’s Nissan IMPCO K25 engine (LPG Models) and Kohler Turbo Diesel (Diesel Models) provides outstanding performance and exceeds the standard for economy forklift trucks. Baoli’s optimized standards and specifications allow it to ofer higher quality trucks than its competitors.

Fully integrated into the KION North America supply chain and service system, Baoli provides shared resources from brother brands and offers a well-developed sales and service network.

Baoli KBG25-35 Button Baoli Cushion Tire ForkliftBaoli KBET18 3 Wheel ForkliftKBE25C Electric Forklift