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Gain the financial advantages of MHI’s new PowerLease program. This program is available for new equipment acquisition as well as existing equipment. You are essentially taken out of the forklift business and are no longer burdened with the guess-work of what, when, how much and why of managing a forklift fleet.

Why not leave this to forklift professionals that have been doing it for decades? Please read through the information below or call (888) 865-2083 for more details about financing and leasing options for forklifts as well as fleet management. You can also visit any of our CLARK, Linde, Baoli, Komatsu, Doosan and Princeton lift truck dealer locations in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia for assistance.

MHI PowerLease – A Win/Win Partnership!

You, the Customer enjoy:

  • Improved Business Performance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Creation of a Long-Term Fleet Management Program

MHI Provides:

  • Fair Sharing of Risks
  • Fair Business Relationship Targeting the Long-Term
  • Complete Flexibility, Designed by Forklift People Specifically for Forklift Users

Why Leasing is Such a Viable Acquisition Alternative

  • Leasing increases your working capital and improves your cash flow by eliminating outlay of cash to acquire equipment.
  • Leasing enables you to make sure you are using the right truck for the job. Applications can change, new equipment designs improve productivity and safety.
  • Leasing aids in budgeting. Rates are fixed in advance and expensed monthly.
  • Leasing provides a hedge against rising costs. Commitments for leased equipment, as well as maintenance if applicable, is calculated at today’s dollar value.
  • Leasing equipment eliminates high maintenance expenses and downtime by automatically replacing units before they reach the end of their serviceable/economic life.

Click here to read the differences between MHI PowerLease and typical forklift fleet equipment leases.

Why Use the MHI PowerLease Program for Your Fleet

  • MHI owns the equipment – There is no third party. The contract is between you and MHI. It is our responsibility to earn your business every day throughout the life of the agreement.
  • The PowerLease can be customized – The equipment lease obligation and maintenance coverage are tailored to each specific job and application.
    • Our comprehensive Plant Survey provides the data to determine the correct term and maintenance coverage for each piece of equipment.
    • Inserted Provisions address operational issues relevant to your operation. Examples:
      • Overtime calculations
      • Provision to change equipment in case of specification changes
      • Provision to ease the adding of equipment
      • Fleet Management scheduled meetings
      • Fleet rotation recommendations
      • 24/7 service
      • After hour PM scheduling
      • Guaranteed preferred interest rate
      • Return program for plant relocation
      • Provision for custom billing
  • MHI guarantees the residual value – We are a true partner by investing our resources in your business and the overall success of your operation.  No “gotcha” language to generate additional revenue at the end of the agreement.
  • No unreasonable language – Everything is agreed to up front in the contract for the complete term.
    • No “redelivery” fees which obligate the lessee to pay freight for return of equipment to an address designated by the leasing company. This can save thousands of dollars.
    • No vague equipment condition return stipulation with the option to charge for repairs without actually performing them.

MHI PowerLease – The Power of Partnership