MHI Employees Giving Back to Harvey Victims
MHI Employees Giving Back to Harvey Victims

MHI fosters a spirit of giving, not only back to the communities in which we live, but back to the country that provides us all this great opportunity. This was demonstrated by two of our service technicians and one of their fathers after the recent tragedy in Houston, where hurricane Harvey dumped a record setting deluge of rain on the city and ruined thousands of homes, and lives.

Jeffrey Zook and Tylor Dubach, two of our service technicians, and Jeffrey’s father, Bobby, decided to raise supplies needed for the people of Houston, load up a 16ft U-Haul trailer, and deliver help to those in need. They decided on a Wednesday that they would leave after work Friday and asked MHI to help. In 48 hours MHI raised enough money to completely fill the trailer with toiletries, cleaning supplies and essentials and pay for the fuel for a 28 hour road trip. These men left after work on Friday evening and made it home early Sunday morning. We cannot be prouder and more grateful to have people at MHI who care for our neighbors whether they are across the street or 14 hours away.

We are so proud that we have so many thoughtful employees that binded together to make this happen, and especially proud of those three men, that took the time out of their lives to make a difference in the lives of people they don’t even know. It’s a testament to the kinds of people that make up team MHI, and we all tip our hats to this generous and kind display of compassion! Photos below.


From L to R (Bobby Zook, Tylor Dubach, Jeffrey Zook)

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