Linde Forklift Hydrostatic Drive

Linde Forklift’s Hydrostatic Drive

Powerful, precise and robust. To transfer power from the engine to the wheels, Linde utilizes a hydrostatic drive system. This is the foundation of Linde’s entire portfolio of advantages.

This unique power transfer is successfully used in the most demanding applications imaginable; earth-moving, logging, construction, mining, etc… with smooth performance and continuous power transfer, this is ideally suited for any forklift operation.

  • Hydrostatic drive eliminates traditional transmissions and brakes. This greatly reduces your long-term maintenance costs and improves performance.
  • Equipped with this drive system, Linde forklifts can easily manage the adverse effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity, pushing, shoving, bulldozing…just to name a few.
  • Not only is this propulsion system very precise and durable it is also highly energy efficient. As it responds to pressure and volume, power is instant and continuous.
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