High Frequency Chargine
High-Frequency Charging Saves You Money

The rising price of fossil fuel and growing environmental concerns are two factors pushing the demand for electric forklifts.  This trend increases the demand for efficient battery management.  High frequency charging provides improved productivity, utility energy savings and improved safety.

Utility Savings
High Frequency (HF) or Switch Mode (SM) chargers save money on your utility bill through three important characteristics:

  1. Power Factor – The percentage of usable power supplied by the utility.
  2. Electrical Efficiency – The product of conversion efficiency- the rate at which applied power is converted to DC power- and the power factor.
  3. Overcharge – More than 100% of the removed power must be returned when charged.

With their high frequency design, these chargers operate with ~100% power factor, ~92% electrical efficiency and technology that allows them to achieve full 100% state of charge with less overcharge.

Water Consumption
Because HF chargers get the job done with less overcharge and therefore less heat, batteries consume less water  (at least 25%) saving both time and water expense.  For additional watering savings, pair your HF charger with Hawker’s Water LessŽ battery.

Battery Life
Cooler temperatures mean longer battery life and fewer maintenance-related expenses with High Frequency chargers.

A Revealing Case Study
In September of 2007 a case study was conducted by Hawker Power Source at Material Handling Inc. (MHI), AMP Battery division which compared the Hawker PowerTech PT3-24-240Y to the Enersys WorkHog Gold Charger Model WG3-24-1050.

During the study, each battery was subjected to the same charging, usage and recharging procedures.  The results showed the Hawker PowerTech charged the battery 50 minutes quicker than the Work Hog, resulting in more cool down and a quicker rotation.

A projected savings analysis indicates that the Hawker PowerTech would provide users with a total energy savings of $567.84 per year per charger, saving in energy consumption, demand and maintenance costs, battery life extension and extended operating time.

For more information about our complete line of High Frequency chargers contact MHI today!