Forkliftoperator Training kit

Forklift Operator Training (FOT) Kit by Komatsu

Forklift safety is critical to our industry, and Forklift Operator Training is a vital part of making sure that our customers’ have fully trained operators on the job in compliance with OSHA requirements. Komatsu’s new FOT program, developed in an alliance with the National Safety Council, provides turnkey materials for training both new and experienced operators.

The Facilitator Kit gives your trainer the confidence and capabilities to deliver the contents both professionally and successfully to a variety of operators, covering a variety of equipment, and applications. Necessary Participant Kits provide take-home materials for participants and Certificates of Completion for their records.

Nothing promotes safe operation more than high quality operator training and Komatsu’s new training kits deliver in each of these seven key areas that can be taught individually and independently:

  1. Explaining OSHA regulations
  2. Explaining forklift design and operating principles
  3. Pre-shift safety inspections & preventive maintenance
  4. Worksite inspections
  5. How to pick up a load
  6. How to transport and deliver a load
  7. Applying forklift operator safety skills

The NEW Komatsu Forklift / NSC Operator Training Facilitator Kit effectively trains trainers, supervisors, and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. This new Forklift Operator Training (FOT) program is fully OSHA compliant, and covers all forklift classifications.

This program can quickly and easily allow your company to meet requirements for operator training, while returning its low cost in improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, better morale, and a safer workplace.

To order your kit(s) or inquire, please contact us at 888-865-2083.