CombiLift: Making Short Work of Long Loads

The handling of long loads with a conventional forklift truck is both difficult and dangerous. If you handle long loads, you are already familiar with the multitude of problems associated with maneuvering these difficult loads.

The CombiLift multidirectional forklift virtually eliminates unsafe, dangerous methods oflong load handling and increases storage capabilities by up to fifty percent or more, in both warehouse and yard, without expanding buildings or property.  The machine will reduce the number oflift trucks required, as well as the associated costs, and reduce the money lost due to product damage.  The Combilift is the only forklift you need for lumber, engineered wood, aluminum or plastic extrusion, flooring, roofing, building materials, concrete products, panels, sheet metals, plumbing fixtures, plumbing fittings, racks, railings, doors, window frames, and much, much more.

Designed to provide safer product handling, the CombiLift is user friendly and easy to operate. Using patented, cutting-edge technology, CombiLift offers you a space-saving solution.  The 4-way steering system allows the machine to travel sideways through narrow aisles and doorways with long loads, giving the user multidirectional capabilities.  Its low platform height allows for low-level storage and is capable of storage up to 21 feet high. Its integrated platform gives CombiLift a low center of gravity allowing for more stable transportation.

The CombiLift combines the best of a Conventional Forklift, a Side-Loader and a Narrow-Aisle Forklift to offer the ultimate in cost saving versatility.  The CombiLift is available with a fuel-efficient LPG, diesel engine,  and electric powered models.  Its hydrostatic all wheel drive and large diameter, super elastic tires makes the CombiLift  suitable for tackling both indoor and outdoor needs. It can travel easily on unpaved, uneven surfaces and moves easily from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa, reducing handling and transport time.

To suit your business requirements, CombiLift can be customized with a wide variety of attachments.  All conventional attachments are customary. In addition to the various mast height, duplex, triplex, and chassis length options, the CombiLift can be fitted with a number of application-specific attachments.

If you want to reduce the amount of money lost to product damage, create a safer working environment, increase your storage capabilities, and reduce your number of lift trucks, then call MHI today to learn how just one CombiLift can achieve that goal.