Battery Charging
Streamline Your Operation with the Right Battery Charging Technology


When it comes to operating your equipment, productivity and uptime are essential. One way that you can guarantee productivity is to utilize different charger technologies to eliminate the need for battery changing. We design our one truck/one battery systems to recharge at opportune times during the work shift when the lift truck is idle, which means no more driving

to a remote battery room, no bulky battery handling, and no loss of productivity.

Never Removed From Trucks
Traditionally, with battery rooms for changing and recharging, each lift truck needed 2 to 3 batteries or at the very least, one per shift, one in use, one charging and one cooling down. With new charging technology, each truck now only needs one battery and it is charged without ever being removed from the lift truck. While the operator takes a break or has a shift change, the battery is recharging. The amount of energy put back into the battery during these short breaks is determined by three factors:

  • the battery temperature
  • the state of charge (how close to 80% charge)
  • the amount of available charge time

Types of Chargers
There are several types of chargers on the market today- conventional, opportunity, high frequency and fast or high speed. The goal is round the clock operating without the need to change the battery. Our MHI territory managers, and our AMP battery and charger technicians are all trained to determine the right battery/charger combination for your specific application.

Are you ready to lower your overall fleet operating costs with the correct battery/charger systems available at MHI? Call us today for more information on the latest in battery and charger technology.